Treatments & Fees

Each massage begins with an interview and assessment to establish the most effective treatment needed. I use a wide range of techniques including, Swedish, trigger point therapy, muscle energy, fascial work and craniosacral. I also perform deep tissue, however, I prefer the term effective. I want you to feel a change has been made in each and every session and I will pull out every trick I have to ensure this happens. I do my best to not chase the pain and focus on finding the root cause of it.

  • 30 minutes $65
  • 45 minutes $85
  • 60 minutes $102
  • 75 minutes $125
  • 90 minutes $145

All prices include 13% HST. Cash or e-transfer is preferred and appreciated, however, I also accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. An insurance receipt will be issued after each treatment which you can submit to your provider.

I also offer a free 10 minute phone consultation. Not finding the information you need on this site? Unsure if massage therapy is for you or a loved one? Let’s arrange a time for a call and talk about it! Once we determine that a treatment is indicated, I can book you in. If I am unable to help you, I won’t pretend that I can. I will direct you to the right modality or practitioner you need. I know people.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time or the full fee will be charged.

Picture this: You have just worked a full day at your job and on your way out the door, your boss pulls you aside for a chat. He or she says, “I know you worked 8 hours today but we are only going to pay you for 5. That ok?” Hmmm…not really! This is what happens to a sole practitioner like me when clients do not cancel within 24 hours or don’t show up at all. If you don’t cancel within 24 hours and I can not fill the spot, the full fee will be charged. Can’t make it last minute and want to avoid the fee? Have a friend, neighbour or family member take over your time-slot and everybody wins. Everyone gets one freebie but beyond that, I enforce this policy and greatly appreciate your respect and understanding. If you do not show up for a first ever appointment with me, you will be required to pre-pay for the second appointment.

Kristie Smith R.M.T.

Registered massage and craniosacral therapy.

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The Space

The treatment space is clean, warm and welcoming.

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